Top 10 DEADLIEST Shark Attacks

Welcome to Top10Archive! Ever since Peter Benchley’s Jaws, sharks have been given a bad rap, though it’s widely known that they don’t seek out people to attack. This installment may speak to the contrary as we look at the ten worst recorded shark attacks. These aren’t just small nibbles from a curious creature. Viewer be warned, graphic content may make this video unsuitable for some. Since there are between 5 and 15 shark attack deaths per year, we could easily fill this video with nothing but fatalities. However, we’re just going to highlight the more popular shark attacks heard from around the world.

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10. Brook Watson
9. Terrence Manuel
8. Barry Wilson
7. Lloyd Skinner
6. Robert Pamperin
5. Ian Redmond
4. Randy Fry
3. Rodney Fox
2. Shirley Ann Durdin
1. USS Indianapolis


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