Sharks Vs Crocodile [Shark & Crocodile Documentary] | Wild Things

They can both be amongst the most dangerous animals in the wrong situation. Which do you like more, Shark or Cocodile?

In Australia’s tropical north, the tiger shark and the crocodile are the most feared killers; big, nasty brutes that put fear and extreme danger into any confrontation. Our host, Ben Cropp, has filmed both creatures at close quarters for the past 40 years, and has been personally involved in a savage attack from each. No wonder this preview has more than 37,000 views on YouTube! Ben judges which predator is worst, or the one more likely to eat you in a close encounter. Victims of both shark and crocodile attacks are interviewed, and Ben’s own survival of a very recent savage attack is shown. Dramatic footage shot by Ben shows the savagery of each attack on their natural prey, on how they stalk and attack and feed. There is a surprising difference in the two killers mode of attack. Ben also highlights their natural behaviour; some say the more you can learn about a killer, the less terrifying it becomes. But, there is no doubt that the shark and the croc will always terrify the people of the tropical north. Ben sums up his own personal opinion on which of the two killers he would prefer not to meet in the water.

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