Shark Attack! An Introduction to Programming in Alice (5 of 6)

In this video, we will have our hero escape the shark attack by gluing him/her to the rowboat (using the “vehicle” property) and controlling the boat with the arrow keys.
In the full video series, we teach you how to program a simple world in Alice in which a character does a flip on an island, and then is attacked by (and escapes from!) a shark.

For more 100% free tutorials, including many on more advanced functions in Alice, visit:
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Alice is a drag-and-drop object-based programming environment developed by a research team at Carnegie Mellon University. The skills and thought paradigms you learn here can be extended to studies of more difficult programming languages.

For this video series, you will need to download Alice 2.3 here:

Alice 3.1 is not a simple upgrade to Alice 2.3, and you will not be able to follow this video in using it. However, we recommend taking a look at Alice 3.1 in your own time, as it has many of its own merits, including better graphics in a more object-oriented approach.



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