Most AMAZING Shark Attack Survival Stories!

Most AMAZING Shark Attack Survival Stories! From insane surfers meeting great white sharks to famous musicians getting attacked…stay tuned to number 1 to find out 10 of the most amazing shark attack survival stories, you’ve ever heard!

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Number 10: James Grant.
James Grant was spending time in New Zealand’s South Island, spearfishing with his friends, when he was suddenly attacked by a shark! He wasn’t sure what kind of shark it was, but it was probably a sevengill.
All of a sudden, James felt something pulling his leg; his initial reaction was “Oh, it’s probably a friend of mine joking around.” Well, it was no friend. And it certainly wasn’t joking around. The problem was that James simply didn’t see the shark approaching. When he realized what was happening, the shark was already there, biting his leg. Luckily, James had a knife in his hand, and he used it immediately. He started stabbing the shark in the head. Because of the multiple stabs, or the general shock to the shark, the animal went away. But what’s even luckier is that James Grant is a doctor, and he immediately started stitching himself up when he reached the shore. He came for spearfishing, but he ended up shark-stabbing.
Number 9: David and Sebastian Cozzan.
Do you know the old saying “Lightning never strikes the same place twice?” Well, it depends, really, because sometimes very strange things can happen.
In March 2014, Sebastian Cozzan, who was only 14 years old at the time, was enjoying the surf in Palm Beach, Florida when he was attacked by a shark. The shark grabbed the boy’s right foot, and it was a severe bite. Sebastian started hitting the shark and fighting it off, and he did manage to get away. However, the bite was very bad, and it required 80 stitches. Now, what’s really amazing is that the boy’s father, David Cozzan, was also attacked by a shark – the attack had taken place twenty years earlier, but it was at the exact same spot. Not only that, but the shark that went for Sebastian’s father also got his foot. Only, in his case, it was the left foot, not the right. What an amazing coincidence…
Number 8: Todd Endris.
On August 28, 2007, in the waters of California, Todd Endris came to surf, as he always did. For him, it was supposed to be just another ordinary surfing day. But it wasn’t.
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So, Todd Endris was on just another ordinary day of surfuing, but, before he realized what was happening, he was attacked by a shark. Todd was fighting, hitting the shark with his fist and foot, but the shark kept coming back. In all, the shark attacked him a total of three times, and cut him pretty badly. He lost almost half of his blood, and it seemed like his life would end right there. Enter – the dolphins. All of a sudden, a group of dolphins came close to Todd, and began forming a circle around him. It was the best defense, and the best distraction for the shark, because Todd was able to swim back to shore and get the attention of his friends and some lifeguards who immediately helped him. But if it wasn’t for dolphins…he most likely would have lost his life. As Todd has later told many times, these beautiful creatures were jumping around him, and circling his surf board, until he reached the beach. Pretty amazing, right?
Number 7: Henri Bource.
Henri Bource was a rock and roller, in every sense of the word. Not only did he play the saxophone in a rock group from the 1960s called The Thunderbirds, but he also survived a shark attack and has retold the tale countless times.
The shark attack took place on November 29, 1964, when Henri was busy filming footage for an underwater documentary in Australia. It was then that a great white shark came at him, grabbing his left leg just below the knee. Henri fought as much as he could, but it wasn’t enough. The great white took his leg. What’s amazing is that all of this happened during the actual filming of the documentary, and Henri Bounce didn’t want to stop shooting. He actually ordered his crew to keep on shooting, determined to get every possible shot for the upcoming documentary. And they even managed to film Henri’s leg, floating around in the ocean, because the shark simply left it there right after the bite. Henri Bource came back to the ocean less than two months later, and he finished his documentary. And he also continued playing with the band. For him, it was all rock and roll!
Number 6: Rodney Fox.
In December of 1963, Rodney Fox was spearfishing in Australia, when he was bitten by a huge great white shark. The shark pulled Fox underwater, for some 30 feet.



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