I don’t about you but I am always suspicious when I watch Shark Attack videos, because lets face it, a lot of them are obviously fake….

But just recently a new shark video appeared on Youtube. It claims to show a young man jumping into the ocean with a go pro camera and having an up close encounter with a great white shark!

The next few minutes look like a terrifying experience, but is it real, or is it fake? That’s what I want to know….

I did some checking around but couldn’t find anything diffinative on Snopes or Truth or fiction websites, but there was a ton of press on the video.

Everybody from Sydney Daily to Gizmodo wrote articles claiming it was a fake. And there are a ton of Youtube videos that also claim it is a hoax. But if you read the articles, and watch the videos, none of them have a smoking gun that really proves it one way or another. It’s all just opinion.

Alright, so lets take a look at the video for ourselves and see what we can find

It starts out with a guy helping his friend get a gopro camera attached to to a swim cap or something. Then, the guy with the gopro jumps in the water.

Seconds later, we hear the swimmer’s friend scream “shark!” The swimmer then goes underwater, and almost instantly – a rather large great white shark appears.

From there, we are treated to about a minutes worth of flailing arms and feet plus the shark before the guy finally scrambles out of the water, rips the camera off his head, and gets a “holy shit that was close” selfie.

Now the thing that most people point out to prove this video is fake comes at around 59 seconds.

That’s where the shark seems to get teleported from almost the center of the screen to left side.

But let’s look at it frame by frame. Now watch. From this frame here, to this frame here. There is a cut. See how the bubbles change. This is the same moment where the shark moves from the center of the frame to the left side of the frame.

Now this may make you suspicious about the video, but it doesn’t really prove anything. It only proves that there was an edit there, and edits are a part of real videos as much as they are a part of a fake video. There may have been a boring part there that the video maker just decided to get rid of.

One of the other things that have been pointed out, involve the water itself. As we clearly see the guy jumps into calm water, but when we first see the shark, it is pretty obvious that the shark is in water with waves….

But still that doesn’t really prove anything. It could have been created by the shark itself making turns and so worth…

OK, so now let’s do something no one else has done. Let’s take a look at the shark itself.

During the course of the video, we actually see the shark twice, once when it is first spotted and then again when the swimmer almost make contacts.

When we take the two images of the shark and place them side by side, however, it becomes obvious that these are two different sharks.

If we look at the dorsal fin here, and then the dorsal fin here. They don’t match. One has much darker coloring.

Guys I just want to say, this is one of the better shark videos I have seen but based on the evidence — I’m calling it…. Fake.

But now I want to know what you think? Do you think this video is real? Or do you think it’s just a very clever fake. Leave me your answer in the comment section below.



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