Killer Whales attack stories are all over the internet these days, but a billschannel viewer who goes by the name of PresidentOfUranus sent me a link to a video that claims to show a man being grabbed off the beach by killer whales….

Teaser Clip

In his note to me, the prez asked, “Is this video fake, or has this really happened?

Well, Mr. President — why don’t we crack this one open and see what we can find out!

Taking a closer look at the video, we see a man on the beach. He picks something up off the sand and then says Lapiz (which is spanish for Pencil) Seconds later, a killer whale grabs him and drags him away.

The video doesn’t go much further than that.

Now, on a first look, there are a few things that make me suspicious.

Number 1 is the man has that weird outline look that makes it look like a computer has inserted his image into the video.

As I step though it frame by frame, I can see some odd things going on.

As he walks forward his arm is swinging forward and at this point right here, a section of his arm becomes transparent… You can see right through it. And the same thing happens with his lower leg right here. These are both signs that there is some trickery going on here.

Going forward, the Orca grabs the man and pulls him down. This looks very real to me. I mean you can even see the killer whale spin the guy around…

But when a wave crashes across the whale, things get weird again. The man’s arm flies up in the air… but as the wave crosses over, the man’s hand suddenly disappears…

Okay, so techincally, I have some serious issues with this video – but I also admit – this is no smoking gun when it comes to proving it whether it is fake or real.

I headed over to my usual myth busting websites to see if they had anything – and surprise, surprise, both and Hoax slayer were claiming it was not real.

In fact, both were claiming the video was an ad for department store chain in the Dominican Republic called La Sirena.

Wait a minute – how did we go from man eaten by killer whales to department stores.

Well, apparantly, La Sirena has a character they use to market their products called the Lucky Pencil… Seen here in another one of their more recent advertisements, the lucky pencil likes to hang out with wildlife and announce things you can win at La Sirena – Like computer tablets and things like that.

Now, let’s go back to our original video. If my estimate is correct, this one was made they made the pencil morphed into an expensive animated characiture.

Now it is starting to make more sense. What the man is picking up is a pencil – we know this because what he says is “Lapiz” which is Spanish for Pencil.

Starting to make sense? I know not really, I ,meam the guy picks up the lucky pencil and then gets killed by an orca…. How lucky is that?

I headed back to Youtube at this point and used the spanish name for Lucky Pencil and found what appears to be the earliest version of the video posted in 2008.

Now this version is longer than the other versions I have found – and the reason for this is becuase that is where the Ad’s message is…

Just after the man is taken by the Orcha, spanish language titles appear – Loosely translated to English, they read : Not all pencils give you luck. Just the Lucky Pencil from La Sirena.

Okay, so let’s recap what our examination has revealed so far.

1Numerous video flaws made by computer manipulations of the man’s image.

2. Both Snopes dot com and Hoax slayer claim it is an ad for a department store.

And 3. We found an older version of the video with titles supporting the claim that is an ad.

The only thing we haven’t been able to do is verify this with La Sirena itself — But based on all the evidence we have gathered, the judges have determined “Killer Whales Eat Man on Beach” Killer whales” is…

wait for it…wait for it… it’s coming…

What? You’re not going to believe this…


what a surprise!

Well thanks Persident of Uranus for your submission, that turned out to be a fun little story. The world is better off with that video being a fake,. And for the rest of you guys… I have a question and a prize.

If you can be the first person to tell me what the killer whales were really doing that close to shore, you will win — and this is really special – a Justin Beiber singing toothbrush!

That’s right, this is the official brush buddies toothbrsh that lets you listen to Justin Beiber sing his hit song “boyfriend” while you brush.

The brush that has soft dupont bristles and bonus tongue and cheek cleaner. and it can be yours to win if you can tell me – one more time – what were those whales really after when they came that close to the beach.

Ready? Start typing!



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