Kayak Shark Attack: California Kayaker says great white rolled him over

A California man said he may have survived an encounter with a great white shark because the fish attacked his kayak instead of him.

Joey Nocchi, 30, of Paso Robles was fishing with two friends Saturday afternoon off Moonstone Beach when he felt something bumping against the kayak, The (San Luis Obispo)

Tribune reported.

“I got hit from underneath and started coming up out of the water. My buddies said I came out of the water 4 to 5 feet — it flipped me over the side,” Nocchi said. “The shark

rolled the whole kayak over, rolled me out of it, and he went over the top of it. He swam across me — his tail touched me.”

Nocchi said his friends told him later the shark looked like it was out to kill. He was so scared he immediately climbed on the back of the turned-over kayak, only to be warned

by Matt Kerschke of Los Osos that he was not safe.

“The shark knows it made a mistake,” he said his friend told him. “You’ll have to get off, turn the kayak over, and get back in. I’m going to go get the paddle, and I want you

in the kayak when I get back.”

Occhi said he took that advice. When the three examined the kayak later they found a bite about 20 inches by 22 inches. They said the shark appeared to be 12 to 14 feet long.

He said he plans to stay out of kayaks for a while, fishing from the shore instead.



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