Great white shark attack! Massachusetts kayakers survive jaws of a Great White

Great White Sharks might look friendly, but one shouldn’t forget their propensity for chomping on things with their razor sharp teeth and their mindless devotion to emotionless killing.

Ida Parker and Kristin Orr used to enjoy kayaking off the coast of Massachusetts.

But on Wednesday, they lost their love of the sea after a little encounter with a Great White Shark.

Sharky first took a couple chunks out of the woman’s kayaks before the beast decided to breach four feet out of the water. Jaws flipped over the kayaks and tossed the two terrified women into the ocean.

They treaded water while screaming their frickin’ heads off. Luckily, their shrieks for help were loud enough to heard from the shore.

A harbor master boat quickly came to their aid, but even more impressive was a good Samaritan dude who hopped in a kayak to try and help the two women.

Experts confirmed it was a Great White based on tooth marks and wildlife officials are looking for the naughty shark. Kristen and Ida say they may never kayak again and we don’t blame them one bit.


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