Extremely Close Calls With Sharks

Sharks one of the most frightening beasts of the ocean and they’re surely not to be trifled with. Here’s some of the most chilling close calls people have had when they encountered these scary, sharp-toothed predators.

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6. On His Own Camera
If you follow shark stories and are a huge fan of shark week, then you probably have heard of Mike Coots before. He’s no stranger to sharks and has even gotten footage of one of the times he’s been way too close to a shark. You might of noticed we said “one.” See, when Coots was 18, he came into contact with a tiger shark that bit his right leg, leaving Coots with just one. That probably prompted what make him become a shark conservationist in his adulthood. In 2018, he would get close to a shark again, this time with a camera. It didn’t end with any injuries this time, and Coots himself said he was “thrilled” with it.

5. Surfers And Sharks
Who else would have more accidental brushes with sharks than surfers? It’s a life that Mick Fanning knows all too well. Fanning, a famous surfer, is not only known for his skill out on the water, but also the harrowing aspects of spending a career out on the ocean. He was out on Jeffreys bay, South Africa for a competition when he was attacked the second time by a bunch of sharks. He left the scene uninjured. It wasn’t the first time, either. About 3 years prior in 2015, he managed to get away from another shark by punching it in the nose.

4. In The Water Again
You’d think that someone who no longer has a leg because of a shark would hold a lot of skepticism when it comes to putting themselves in that environment again, but that’s not the case with Erich Ritter who spent virtually his whole life obsessing over the water and the animals that live in it. Erich Ritter lost a leg while filming a segment for Shark Week in 2016. The Biologist was advising people how to handle sharks and better understand them and then lost his right calf in the process. He continued to work as a Shark Ambassador, so it seems he understands something about those animals a lot of people would not be willing to.

3. Thank The Dolphins!
Look, dolphins can be quite scary, too, but in this case, Todd Endris owes them his life–orso he says. Todd Endris was on the water near California’s Marina State Park when a great white shark came out and attacked him not once, but three times. The first time, he didn’t get hurt too bad, but when it came to the second and third, Endris ended up with a skinned open back, and a chewed up leg. Weak from the immense blood loss, Endris says he wouldn’t have made it without the intervention of dolphins. The sea mammals formed a circle around Endris after the third time the shark came after him. This distracted the shark and allowed Endris to swim to the shore.

2. The Soul Surfer
One of the most famous shark stories where the victim lived to tell the tale is that of young American surfer Bethany Hamilton. Now 28 years old, it seems she’s made the best of losing her left arm that she lost after a shark ripped it off when she was only 13 years old. It didn’t stop the youngster from pursuing her dreams, however, and she’d go on to keep surfing and go on to write an autobiography about it all called Soul Surfer. Already an award winning surfer before the shark attack, she would continue to win in surging competitions throughout the subsequent years. The last award she won being in 2014 for the Fiji Women’s Pro where she placed 3rd.




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