Big Bull Shark Caught Offshore


We went offshore fishing on Nick’s boat accompanied with Guy and Pete Barrett from Barrett rods. After trolling for a while we stopped and started drift fishing. All of a sudden we seen a dolphin shooting out of the water and Nick’s spinning rod started screaming. A few seconds later my Duel 12/0 gets slammed! Nick lands his dolphin and I continue to fight the shark. It turned out to be a bull shark, estimated around 300lbs. The shark almost bit the camera when we were filming. If I had not hooked that shark, Nick’s dolphin would have been attacked by that bull shark.


Bait Used — Bonito
Hooks — 18/0 Lindgren Pitman Circle hook
Leader — 6ft of #19 single strand AFW wire.
Reel — Duel 12/0w
Line — 200lb Bullbuster monofilament
Rod — Custom Barrett Shark Rod




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