American Crit II: Tough Days of Tulsa

In this feature-length sequel to last year’s American Crit, the men of Butcherbox Cycling are back for another whiplash season of USA CRITS racing.

From the drama of the legendary Athens Twilight criterium, to an in-depth look at the famed Tulsa Tough series, AC II puts the sheer ferocity of American criterium racing and the unassailable tenacity of the human spirit on full display.

Note: Apologies for the minor playback glitches around the 2:30 mark. We’re attempting to work with YouTube to resolve this.

Special thanks to all the photographers whose still images enriched this film in ways that cannot be measured:

Patrick Daly – @pdalyphoto
Adam Koble – @adamkoble
Fisher Curran – @fisherjacktc
Neal Patrick – @nealpatrickz
Carlos Jimenez – @cover_the_move
Jack Elton-Walters –
Dan Chabanov – @danchabanov
Celine Hoogenboom – Bicycle Racing Pictures LLC
The Endurance Collective – @theendurancecollective
Connor Ryan – @usacrits
Jeffrey B. Jakucyk –



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