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Sharks vs Tuna @ 12:04

5:15 launch in Mamala bay this morning. Caught 5 opleu in 60-70ft. First bait in at 6:40, no action until the start of the major bite time (8:24-10:24 am). First run at 8:50 felt like there was a competition for the bait, but it turned into a little 5lb kawa kawa. At 9:00 the second bait turned into an 18lb shibi. Once I had color a 5ft shark came up chasing it. The shibi must have seen it as well because it peeled off 120ft of line. In the process of bringing it back in I managed to shake the shark. With both fish still on deck and blood in the water I put another opelu on wire. Again it was slammed within minutes in the water. Feeling like a larger fish it was 300ft from the kayak by the time it stopped taking drag. On the way in it was fighting a little strangely and I made a comment about it being chased. Seconds after leadering the fish, sharks started appearing out of nowhere. I first saw them on the fish finder not believing what I was seeing. I counted 5 sharks from 4ft to 7ft long (I have a feeling there were more). Thinking there was no chance of landing the fish I loosened my drag and let it dart off about 150ft of line while peddling from the area. This seemed to do the trick as I brought the fish close to the kayak no sharks were in sight. I had initially thought it was a gigantic kawa kawa but it turned out to be a 24lb shibi. Good times, easily one of the most exciting days I have ever had on the water.

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