5 Horrifying Shark Attacks!

So sharks have been around for over 400 million years.
In that time they have have become one of the worlds most efficient predators.
While experts agree that sharks don’t actually view humans as a natural prey,
However when they spot a person splashing about in water, they can easily confuse them with a sea lion for example and go in for the kill.
This is why on rare occasions sharks do attack humans but usually let them go once they taste their flesh.
However some researchers are now starting to wonder if sharks are developing a taste for human flesh.
So in this list I’ll be showing you 5 of the worst shark attacks.

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5) Todd Endris
This is a truly remarkable story.
In 2007 Todd Endris was surfing by Marina State Beach in California when disaster struck.
A great white shark one the most feared and powerful sharks went in for an attack.
The shark bit into Todd’s torso and right leg, ripping off a large amount of flesh and muscle.
It wasn’t looking good for Todd, the shark was persistent in its attack and wouldn’t let Todd go.
That was until help arrived.
The help weren’t humans though, it was a few brave dolphins that fought off the shark.
The dolphins formed a ring around the badly injured Todd, and helped him get to shore where he was rushed to hospital and treated for his injuries.

4) David Lilienfeld
In 2013 20 year old champion bodyboarder David Lilienfeld died from a great white shark attack.
David along with friends and family were out in the water off the coast of South Africa.
The area they were in was deemed as very safe, as there wasn’t any recorded shark activity for well over a decade.
However few days prior, NatGeo was filming a show called Shark Men in the same area.
In order to attract sharks they dumped tons of bait into the waters.
David was out in the waters when bystanders spotted a shark nearby.
They screamed to alert David but he didn’t hear them.
The shark bit off Davids leg, and pulled him under.
As blood filled the water, bystanders stood helplessly as they witnessed a terrifying attack.
His body washed up onto the rocks where his father and brother sat by his lifeless body until the emergency services arrived.

3) Henri Bource
In 1964 Henri Bource and some buddies were swimming with seals off the coast of Australia.
Out of nowhere a great white shark came from underneath and bit his leg clean off.
Interestingly this attack was the first shark attack ever caught on camera.
His buddies heard his screams and spotted his leg floating in the water.
They quickly helped him on board their ship where the full extent of his injuries became known.
In the video you can clearly see Henri in agony while his left leg has been bit off clean.
His friends quickly radioed for help and also told emergency services his blood type.
Henri lives to tell the tale despite the odds and recalls punching, and gouging the eyes of the shark in an desperate attempt to get free.

2) Elio Canestri
Only last year one of the saddest shark attacks in recent times occurred.
Elio Canestri was a 13 year old up and coming surfer with a love and passion for the sport.
Last year he decided to spend the day surfing off the coast of the french island Reunion.
He told his mother he will be careful and wont surf if there is no security.
However that day disaster struck.
A shark picked Elio out as its prey from a group of 6, and struck him from below, knocking him off his board.
Witnesses describe the shark then biting Elio in the stomach and throwing him about in the water.
His right arm, right leg and a chunk of his stomach was ripped off before the shark dragged him out to sea.
He is remembered by many as happy boy who was always smiling and had a very bright future ahead.

1) USS Indianapolis
This incident is widely regarded as the worst shark attack in history.
In 1945 the USS Indianapolis was struck by Japanese torpedoes.
The ship was sinking, and out of the 1,196 men on board, 900 managed to make it into the water alive.
However over the next few days their ordeal would only get worse.
Many of the men were dying from thirst and exhaustion, when a large amount of Oceanic White Tip Sharks started swarming the men.
At first the sharks started feeding of the dead bodies, but as time went on they developed a taste for human flesh.
They started feeding off the live sailors, and the men had nowhere to go for safety.
They were floating meals for the sharks and for days more and more were eaten alive.
After 4 days of hell, rescue finally arrived.
Out of the 900 men who survived the initial torpedo attack, only 317 remained when rescue came.



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