13 Worst Shark Attacks

After seeing these people’s stories you might not want to go swimming for a while. Shark attacks are rare but still terrifying!

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7. Bethany Hamilton

A thirteen year old competitive surfer was one of Hawaii’s best female surfers and she made the news when she was attacked by a 14 foot tiger shark. He had decided to go surfing with her best friend Alana and a few other people on Halloween morning. It wouldn’t be a kid in a shark costume that scared her. Beth was lying sideways on her surfboard and her left arm was dangling in the water. A huge shark came off and bit her arm. The unfortunate story was made into the film soul surfer. She doesn’t let the shark attack effect her life and she still goes surfing. She has been a role model for those who have lost limbs during freak accidents and still have a cheerful look on the future.

6. Shirley Ann Durdin

Peake Bay Australia, in Southern Australia, Shirley Ann Durden was snorkeling for scallops in 7 foot deep water when tragedy strook. 33 year old was attacked by a great white shark. Unfortunately, her family witnessed the horrific event as Shirley was ripped in two. When rescuers arrived, it was much too late. All they found was a headless torso. She left behind a husband and 4 children. Some witnesses estimate the shark was about 20 feet long.

5. Jersey Shore Attacks

The Jersey shore attacks is quite similar to the film Jaws. A series of vicious shark attacks swept the Jersey shore and unfortunately none of the victims included snooky. Scholars have debated exactly which species of shark it was but they most likely believe it was either bull shark or great white. An extreme heat wave in 1916 drove many out to the shores to enjoy get a fresh dip in the ocean. Sharks normally prefer more warm climates but do to the heat wave, they made it up north If only they had known what was lurking beneath! 5 people were attacked in a 11 day time period. This sparked a war against sharks in this area and people were sent to hunt them. This was known as one of largest animal hunt in history

4. La Seyne

In 1909, a French steamboat was carrying 100 european passengers from Java to Singapore. The waters betweens these two countries are usually teeming with sharks. It would be really bad if a boat crashed here. Really bad. Maybe not for the sharks. Fatal airplane crashes seem much less painful than shipwrecks. The boat collided with a British vessel and La Seyne sunk nearly instantly. It took only 5 minutes for it to reach the bottom of the ocean.. Anyone who didn’t drown was viciously eaten by sharks. Sounds like a rough way to go.

3. Erich Ritter

With all this being said, don’t forget shark attacks to humans are quite rare. The chances of getting it caught on tape are even slimmer. Erich Ritter was filming a documentary about sharks for the discovery channel. He was even talking about how the sharks in the water were harmless and wouldn’t attack him, As you can see in this video, he should have paid closer attention to what types of sharks were in the water. A 6 foot bull shark ferociously bites his leg like it took a bite out of a sandwich. Erich’s complete calf was ripped off during the filming. He’s lucky to be alive and still have his leg. Although his leg is a little mutated he can still walk, defying all odds. In the video you can see Erich getting a little too close to the sharks. He really should’ve saw this one coming. Can’t feel too bad for him

2. Heather Boswell

In 1994, a 19 year year old was swimming off the coast of Chile while cruising around on her boat. An huge 14 foot great white shark came out of nowhere and suddenly in this video you can see it’s dorsal fin but it came from behind. She noticed the fin as soon as she turned around but it was too late. She can only try to swim so fast.The shark lays its teeth into her leg but it’s difficult to see in this video. Luckily, she struggled enough to shake off the shark She lost her leg but she’s lucky to have not lost her life.

1. USS Indianapolis

Described as the worst shock attack by the Smithsonian, the USS smithsonian sailed from Guam in 1945. A Japanese Torpedo struck the battleship. The survivors from the blast were sitting ducks. The explosion attracted attention from unwanted visitors. While life rafts were scarce on board, people were striving to have enough strength to keep their heads above water. Sharked could sense the blood of the injured who were on the boat and they began As they started getting hungry, one sailor made the bad decision of opening a can of spam. The sharks were hungry too. Within 5 days, 600 men died during this incident, with a majority of the deaths coming from shark attacks.



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