★ 5 Terrifying Shark Attack Videos ! Shark Attacks Caught On Tape !

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Well here’s 5 shark attacks that have been caught on tape.

Shark Attacking Cage Nightmire.
Shark cage diving is one of those adventure activities that elicits strong reactions. Some people just adore the thrill of spending their time in the cage while waiting for a Great White Shark attack, but these two discovered what it’s really like to get to the king of apex predators up too close and personal for shark attack! Lets see this horrific shark attack caught on tape!

Mid Ocean Great White Shark attack.
Back in 1994 a young researcher Heather Boswell and several of her crew members from the research ship Discoverer were enjoying a day off from their environmental work, swimming in balmy waters of the Pacific Ocean fearing no shark attack. Heather turned around and saw sharks dorsal fin coming towards her.
And here is a shark attack! Quickly grabbing first Boswell’s right leg and then her left, the Great White Shark pulled her under, shaking her violently like a dog with a rag doll, but luckily Heather broke free from shark attack. She tragically lost her leg in this terrific Great White Shark attack, but it’s a miracle that she survived.

Shark attacks Diver.
Paul de Gelder, an ex-Australian Army paratrooper, loved diving and enjoyed his life never ever thinking of a shark attack. One early morning at Sydney Harbour, he was conducting a counter terrorism exercise for the Navy when suddenly something smacked his leg. It was a bull shark attack, so close that he could see shark`s dark black eyes staring at him.
Here is a horrific shark attack video.
Paul tried to fight shark off, but the shark clamped it’s jaws on paul’s flesh, tearing it apart and shaking Paul around like a rag doll.
Luckily Paul managed to survive long enough this shark attack for the Navy boat to come along and his mates pulled him out from the water.
After losing limbs in such an horrific shark attack, most people would give up on life, not Paul De Gelder. With his prosthetic leg and arm, Paul learned how to walk, live and work. Paul now is a motivational speaker on how to overcome shark attacks.

Shark Attack Expert.
“Discovery Channel” was filming Erich Ritter for the series “Shark Week” on Bahamas, as he was attacked by a bull shark., one of the most ferocious sharks in the ocean.
The bull shark attack left Erich’s calf totally mutiliated.
Here is the footage.

Bite-Kiss Shark Attack Live.
Diving guide Dave Marcel had been taking tourists out on Elbow Reef, Florida for years – allowing them to interact with the reef’s wildlife including the 500-kilogram nurse shark.
Marcel would prove their harmlessness by kissing the sharks, and then allowing the tourists to do the same with no fear of a shark attack!
Until the day a bite-kiss shark attack happened.
Luckily for Marcel, the shark attack didn’t leave his face deformed. But it still required 285 stitches.



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